Thursday, March 30, 2017

LOTD! "Among The Ruins" Altar of Betelgeuse

Track: Among the Ruins
Altar of Betelgeuse 

It's rare that I will promote an album or track that's sent to me out of the blue by a label the same day I receive it. I have to sit with music for a little while before I can tell if it's something I want to pass onto our readers. I'm happy to say although I've never heard of Altar of Betelgeuze before nor the label Transcending Obscurity, their track "Among the Ruins" is definitely a shareable Listen of the Day! The saying all good things come to those who wait can be applied to the pace of this tune. The instrumental slowly plods along until the real breathy and hoarse death metal vocals kick in. Quality clean singing adds to the simple but catchy groove throughout. I did find myself in a swaying trance as the song plays on which makes this a perfect mid afternoon listen.

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