Saturday, March 25, 2017

1983: Heavy Music Grows Tentacles

Heavy music started to branch out in about a million different directions this year.  Here is a playlist filled with quite a diversity of heavy sounds from 1983.  Enjoy its schizophrenic awesomeness:
PS:  Don't tune out when you see Journey leading it off.  If you pay attention, you'll be reminded that each member of Journey was a rock musician of heavyweight caliber.  And even though Separate Ways was considered a pop hit, it is  heavy (I personally think it is begging for a death-metal re-make).  While I personally prefer Journey's earlier albums, I do like every tune on Frontiers, and I love each and every tune on this playlist.  Hope it either brings back fond memories, or for the younger crowd, hope it expands your musical horizons.
PS:  I won't argue with you if you tell me the Rolling Stones tune isn't heavy, but I maintain that the subject matter (serial killers) makes it an honorary heavy music member. "Don't saw off me leg.. me arm"

Catch you with an album review next weekend.  Stay Heavy!    -ULTRA

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