Saturday, February 4, 2017


In honor of Falcons vs. Patriots, which promises to be a classic brawl, let's have a Georgia vs. Massachusetts Stoner Rock Showdown:

First up, in the red and black trunks and featuring dual drum players, the band KYLESA from Savannah, with the classic "Tired Climb" 
PS: Was drinking a bit when I posted a Maryland band here instead of Georgia last weekend.  These things sometimes happen.

Next up, Massachusetts' own MAGIC CIRCLE hits back with "The Damned Man".  This is one of my favorite tracks from a simply awesome album.  Turn this one up loud:

Now for the heavy-hitters:
Atlanta's own MASTODON with "The Czar".  

Currently based in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, it's ELDER with "Spires Burn":

(How do you pick one Mastodon and one Elder tune to play?  Throw darts)
These bands are not in a contest against each other, but let me know in the comments whatever tunes you like best, or what bands or tunes you think I should have picked instead.  There certainly are tons of great Georgia and Massachusetts stoner/doom/rock bands to choose from, but it basically comes down to this:  When you write the post you get to pick whatever suits your current mood.

Anyhow, should be an awesome Superbowl.  Falcons are under-respected, but even though it is a strange thing to say, so are the Pats in a lot of ways.  You know I got to pick my favorite team. 


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