Saturday, December 17, 2016

Awesome Freebie

Cookie Monster, Is That You???

Fun fact: Cookie Monster auditioned for singer of Kyuss, but was beat out by John Garcia.  This album, "Magic Hum Demo", is apparently the lost recording of Cookie's audition with Kyuss.  Fun to hear how things could have gone; check out "Dirty Girl:"
This is where "free demo" really pays off; if I heard one tune by this band I would not have gone out and bought the album.  But a free download allowed me to give it a full listen, and the full listen made me a fan.  Initially, the vocals occupy your attention and distract you from the music (the Kyuss Meets Cookie Monster analogy is spot-on here, is it not?), but eventually I gained an ear for what this band brings to the table, which is top-rate fuzz/desert/stoner rock.  I will be purchasing Magic Hum's initial full-length release, when it comes out.  Here is the demo's opening track, entitled "Fuzzer Moon": 
Magic Hum is from Kiel, Germany.  They are:
Chief Mad - Vocals
Tim Sen - Guitars
Filthy Phil - Drums
Ogo McMologo - Bass
Download this one here.  It's not even "Name Your Price"; just listed as "Free Download".  Kind of like an extra present under the tree: Magic Hum Demo
Until Next time   -ULTRA

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