Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016: I'm Not Dead Yet...

(2016): "I'M NOT DEAD YET"

2016 seemed to be down and out, but sat up and threw a few last minute punches, so here are some recommendations for how to use those ninepence now that you won't need to spend them disposing of a corpse:

Released December 16, this album is relentless.  This band from Bavaria, Germany reminds me of Red Giant at times, with a slightly more heavy metal orientation.  Here is one of my favorites so far, "Huntress":

This self-titled album from Kristiansand, Norway's Leafy was released December 9th, and is everything you expect upon seeing the cover art.  Solid addition to any stoner rock library.  These tunes are high quality, and they finish strong.

HEAVY TRAFFIC: Plastic Surgery
This December 17 release by Brooklyn, New York's Heavy Traffic is a true classic.  Heavy Psych somewhere between Snail and Jagannatha, and with the same level of quality.  If you stick with this title track, you will be rewarded with several instances of musical genius.  This one might shake up my 2016 top 10.  Gonna try to overplay it and see if it survives.  
Merry Christmas!


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