Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Opeth - Will O The Wisp

Will O The Wisp (Lyric Video)
(SORCERESS, out September 30, 2016 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment / Moderbolaget Records)

Opeth has been on a progressive slant for several albums now. The change began on Ghost Reveries and has been a major component of the last two albums. So much so that I was driven away from being a fan of the band til I heard the most recent tracks off Sorceress. While I found most of the last two albums lacking a hook or even a comfortable rhythm that was listenable this is pure magic to the ears. The band has finally produced music that clearly would've fit in the sleepy prog era of the 70's. The transition is complete and thanks to bands like Ghost, I think fans will be more welcoming of this sound. There is no shrieking or true heaviness that fans of early Opeth are familiar with. I hear parts Jethro Tull and a solo fit for a Pink Floyd album. This is worth a listen and maybe a chance for the old diehards to lighten up on their critical arguments of the band.

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