Friday, September 23, 2016

Grownman's Fast Finds

I'm back, the summer is over. Fast Finds for the start of Autumn. I review some recent stuff from New England where our office is located. I even review a former chili bout that? Yeah, let's get this bitch started, pedal to the floor, wastelands all around. If we're all going to hell in a hand basket, might as well have some tunes to carry us through.

Russian Circles - Guidance

Russian Circles are killing it on Guidance, when have Russian Circles not killed it? The most consistent band so many people have no clue about. One of the most entertaining instrumental Metal bands on the scene. The music is difficult to describe in words. You just need to check them out and understand....

Thrawsunblat - Metacthonia

Thrawsunblat lead by legendary Woods of Ypres guitarist Joel Violette have been a tour de force for years in the Canadian metal underground. (Thrawsunblat were originally formed prior to Woods of Ypres.)Thrawsunblat bring together elements of black, folk and maritime metal. Much of their music celebrates their atmospheric surroundings. This album is no different as it explores the "epoch after the age of the earth". If you long to run from the political discussions on social media and live in the woods behind your house or local big box store, charge your digital music device and load up this album.

John Frusciante - The Empyrean
While working on some freelance design work at home I was reduced to trying to find something different to check out that may be great to have on as background music. I found this Frusciante solo album on youtube randomly and decided to give it a go......holy did I never hear of this album? Talk about pulling at the heart strings. Maybe it took the near death episodes of drug addiction and overdoses for John Frusciante to be able to pulloff such passionate and heavenly tones. I don't believe I've ever used those words to describe any album on here before. Check out this album, it's a few years old but sounds as relevant as anything the rest of chili pepper brethren have put out in years.

III - Lines and Lands

Dark, atmospheric metal from Italy. Self described as a DIY aka Hand crafted project, we get to hear a nice mix of clean atmospheric instrumentation that's inevitably pulled down into a maelstrom of black metal shreeks and riffage. The production is somewhat raw which makes the music feel a bit more dangerous and primal. The band sold out it's original pressing only charging the price it took to create the album. I give a band a lot of credit for putting their love of the music in the forefront. Give this band a listen, an album where both beauty and horror mingle and exist well together.

Wreak - The Pursuit of Peace Through Excessive Violence

Straight out of Providence, Wreak have been quickly cutting a path of violence across the Southern New England area over the past year. I've been following Rob Cinami's (drummer for Wreak) career for some time now and Wreak seems to be the perfect vehicle for his atomic battery of percussive power. With thrashy rhythms for days and abrasive enough vocals to peel the paint off a steel tank, Wreak are serious contenders to take over a scene chockfull of heavyweights. Highly recommend the heavy metal brethren of the greater New England area to make the trek to wherever they are playing next. While you're at it check out their latest cd! It's what the kids call "straight up fire"....up your ass....that's why I say. My favorite track: The Great & Mighty..........really you can't go wrong on this album.

Cyborg Journals - War Torn

After a few failed attempts to review this album Cyborg Journals put up this album on Bandcamp.
I hadn't heard much from the band before and I try not figure out a band just based on their genre tags. I threw it on and immediately started scratching my head. Is this metal, avante gard art rock or does it remind me of another band. Half way through, I started thinking of Voivod. Voivod are all over the map from one album to the next. This stuff is pretty diverse and the album becomes increasingly more interesting as it reaches later tracks. While I do prefer a little more polish to production, something about the imperfections actually help the tracks. The vocals range from contemplative to late 90's metal shrieking. There is a blend of psychedelic rock, industrial metal and gothic overtones throughout. The album succeeds in the moments when it's most focused and a bit faster paced. Fine tuning and mixing could benefit the album in a big way. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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