Sunday, July 24, 2016

ETERNAL ELYSIUM: Resonance of Shadows
Home Run: Unbridled Heavy Metal Creativity
Eternal Elysium is the second veteran Japanese heavy-metal band to release its best album ever this year.  Church of Misery, with the heavy album-of-the-year so far, in my opinion, and now Eternal Elysium, with their June release, "Resonance of Shadows."  Eternal Elysium are three musicians who truly love what they do.  They experiment as they please, but are in their core a band who loves a heavy sound.  This album is their most approachable and most addictive by far to date.  Check out these tunes from the new album, and see if the word "epic" doesn't keep coming to mind for you.  Here is the lead track, "Ingah":
And now "Views On C #":
Eternal Elysium Is (right to left):

Vocals & Guitars

TANA HAUGO (from Minnesota!)

That's all for now, comin' at ya again next weekend.  Glad to see Grownman back in action; he's a true professional.  Over and out  -ULTRA

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