Friday, June 10, 2016

WO FAT: Midnight Cometh
Top Shelf Stoner Rock Since 2006

Wo Fat has never disappointed, and they probably never will.  Midnight Cometh is everything you expect in a new Wo Fat album: riffs and moods up the wazoo, expertly recorded and performed.  Kent Stump began as a recording engineer, and he and Tim and Michael record and mix each album themselves.  The results are breathtaking.  Midnight Cometh is in the running for my favorite Wo Fat album so far, and I am only hesitant to make the call because Psychedelonaut and Noche Del Chupacabra are sentimental favorites, each for different reasons.  Here is a tune that has it all; it starts off with an unorthodox time signature, and seamlessly transitions from frantic seething riffs to brooding, heavy vibes.
PS: Cover art by David Paul Seymour.  Cover of the year??
If you already love Wo Fat you probably already have Midnight Cometh and I'll bet you agree with me that it's hard to pick a favorite tune because they are all so great.  For anyone new to Wo Fat, I am now posting the masterpiece "Noche Del Chupacabra", from the 2011 album with the same title.  It is the second-longest tune in their repertoire.  Try playing this one in the dark.  I used to play it as I got into bed and would fall sleep to it.  If you have enjoyed my "Heavy Psych" posts, you will love this one.  

On the one hand, I thought that posting a review of "Midnight Cometh" was like posting an article on how blow jobs feel good; just stating the obvious.  But "Midnight Cometh" was such a good blow job that I couldn't help but groan out loud about it.  

Wo Fat oozes sincerity out of every pore.
They are, from left to right:
Tim Wilson: Bass
Kent Stump: Guitar, Vocals
Michael Walter: Drums, backup vocals
WO FAT!!!    

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