Saturday, June 4, 2016

BRUTUS: Wandering Blind (Review)

BRUTUS: Wandering Blind
1970's Rock Is Alive And Well
Self-Description from the band's Facebook page:

"Inspiration is drawn from amongst others: Blue Cheer, Cream, Pentagram and Grand Funk Railroad. In other words: butterfingered, groovy and psychedelic hard rock! So bring forth your bellbottoms and wide lapels....Rock N' Roll is lovely, isnt it?!! "

Video for track #2, "Drowning":
I am a total sucker for this type of band, as evidenced by my love for Witchcraft, Graveyard, Troubled Horse, Siena Root, Orchid and Crypt Trip.  Brutus' first album is among my all-time greats list.  Their second album is excellent too, but I felt it wasn't recorded quite as well.  Now "Wandering Blind" rivals the first, as well as any other album in this genre.  Here is another of my favorites from the new one, called "Creepin":

You can pick up the LP or the CD here at Svart Records:
(type Brutus in the search box)

Brutus is:
Jokke Stenby
Johan Forsberg
Kim Molander
Knut-Ole Mathisen
Christian Hellqvist

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