Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Album By Droids Attack!


I'm going to make an analogy.  Tenacious D doesn't re-invent the wheel when it comes to rock, but they rock out with such energy and sincerity that it makes them awesome.  Droids Attack are from Madison, Wisconsin, and they are not acting; they clearly just love to rock.  I liked "Fatal/Error", loved "Must Destroy", and think "Sci-Fi Or Die" is even better.  It is better-recorded than the last two, and is Droids Attack's heaviest album so far.  

Here is a video the band made for "Die Glocke", the new album's opening track: (It makes you leave the site, but you'll keep heavy metal textbooks open in one of your tabs; come on back after watching this worthy video.  For me, I thought it was getting boring, and the tune sucked me back in)
There are many other great tracks off the new album, but anticipating that plenty of you are new to Droids Attack, here is "The Great Wall of Gina", from the previous album, "Must Destroy":
and lastly, watch this dated video where one of the band-members' kids gets owned and mashed into his own birthday cake by an adult in a robot suit.  Awesome.
Droids attack are currently: 
Brad Van (guitar/vocals)
Tony Brungraber (drums)
Darwin Sampson (bass)

You can find all of Droids Attack's music on Bandcamp, here:

Catch you next weekend!  -ULTRA

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