Friday, January 1, 2016

Top Ten Stoner Rock Albums of 2015

OK, Here are my top ten Stoner Rock albums of 2015, in video form.  I picked one tune from each (made sure none are tunes I've posted here in the past), starting with #10 and finishing with #1.  I also think the video makes for a nice playlist, with decent transitions & variety.  Playing time is 50 minutes and thrirty seconds.  Hope you will have the time to put it on and give it a chance.  If you are short for time or impatient, you can see my #10 through #1 picks below.  In the video, track info is given for the first 20 seconds of each tune.  

Stoner Rock Best of 2015 from Ultra Sounds on Vimeo.

#10: "Shadows" by Valkyrie                                 #9: "Into Your Mind" by Freedom Hawk
old school hard rock/metal, for                              awesome, high-energy hard rock
fans of Pagan Altar, Magic Circle, etc.

#8: "Innocence & Decadence" by Graveyard       #7: "Silverball" by Electric Magma
heavy, semi-psychedelic blues                            I love this album more and more over time

#6: "Feral" by Snail.                                         #5: "Psychic Warfare" by Clutch
Contains "Derail, my pick for #1                       Clutch deserves top 5 in any category of 
stoner rock tune of 2015 (in video)                   music.

#4: "Cold Was The Ground" by                          #3: "Lore" by Elder
       The Midnight Ghost Train                            
                                                                       Stoner Rock's equivalent of classical 
This band brings a new take on high-energy        music.  Every note is deliberate and well 
stoner rock                                                       thought out.

#2: "Black Age Blues" by Goatsnake                   #1: "Gravitron" by The Atomic Bitchwax
I admit they are an acquired taste, but so             This is one of my favorite albums that I 
unique and really a special band for me                 own, period.  One of the great rock
                                                                          albums of all time.

Honorable Mentions:  

-Orchid's "Sign of the Witch" would have made my top 10, had it contained more than 4 tunes.  Orchid has become one of my favorite bands, and they never disappoint.

-Vintage Caravan's "Arrival"; this band from Iceland is getting so good; they are really just kids, but I am convinced they are one release away from achieving Stoner Rock Elite status.

-Captain Crimson's "Ageless Time"; if you grew up listening to 1970's hard rock, this band will take you right back there.  Swedish bands have mastered the authentic 70's sound.

So that will do it for this post.
2015 was a truly historic year for stoner rock, and I am expecting the avalanche of awesome music to continue this year.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!       -ULTRA

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