Saturday, September 5, 2015

Freedom Hawk's "Into Your Mind"

FREEDOM HAWK – Into Your Mind

Freedom Hawk: Awesome Rock

                Freedom Hawk from Virginia Beach has been releasing quality album after quality album since 2008.  They are basically a hard-rock band with cool, distinctive vocals and awesome guitar tones.  For each album, most of the tunes are home-runs and the rest are good hard rock. 

Freedom Hawk's "Into The Mind", released this past June for SmallStone records, shows extra effort.  Tracks 2, 3 and 9 in particular reflect new territory in their songwriting, with a more sprawled-out, ever-evolving style.  Here is the opening track however, "Blood Red Sky."  Turn this one up loud and tell me there aren't multiple times when this tune kicks you in the ass  (2:10, 3:12 and 4:10 are my favs)

               I'm throwing this one in because they did a video for it, and it is a great tune.  Here is "Indian Summer", from  the album Holding On, also from SmallStone: 

 And here is the tune that first made me love Freedom Hawk:  "Universal," from Freedom Hawk's self-titled album on Meteor City records.  I don't normally care about lyrics, but this tune has classic lyrics.  Universal should be in any hard-rock fan's library:

Trivia Note:  Freedom Hawk's "Her Addiction" was featured in Episode 30 of Hawaii Five-O (10/24/11), along with AC/DC's "Thunderstruck."

Freedom Hawk is:

TR Morton: Guitars, Keyboards & Vocals
Lenny Hines: Drums
Mark Cave: Bass

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