Sunday, May 24, 2015



That's right, there's a new Goatsnake album set to be released this coming Tuesday, June 2nd.  I personally thought I would never get to hear new material from this band (it's been over ten years since they've released anything).  

Goatsnake is a strange mix of doom, Southern rock and fuzzy stoner rock that takes several listens before one can fully grasp what is going on.  Greg Anderson (guitar player of Sunn O))) and co-founder of Southern Lord records) has a really heavy, distinctive sound that makes this band so special.  Pete Stahl's vocals are an unusual complement for this type of sound, and drummer Greg Rogers and new bass player Scott Renner complete the package, placing Goatsnake at the top of the pile when it comes to heavy rock. Check out the title track from the new album, courtesy of Southern Lord records:  This band picks up right where it left off.  Do yourself a favor and play this one really loud:

I will post a full review of this album when it's out, but in the meantime I'm posting one of my favorite Goatsnake classics (one of many):  Not typical Goatsnake by any means, but a way-cool cover of Black Oak Arkansas' live show staple "Hot Rod."  Excellent Jim Dandy impersonation!
I'm on an off schedule but glad to be spreading the news on some new Goatsnake.  Until next weekend!
 "Big'un, If that boy says one more word, I want you to smack him in the teeth with your billy club!" 

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