Saturday, April 25, 2015


 The Bitchwax Are Back In Full Force!

This is the best Finn Ryan album yet, in my opinion.  When Finn first replaced Ed Mundell in TAB, it was such a radical change of course that it took me some time to appreciate him.  Even Chris Kosnik’s vocals sounded different to me after Ed left the band.  But each release with Finn has been more likeable than the last for me, and the latest, Gravitron, has definitely entered the TAB “top three” along with the first two releases, and in no particular order.  The last album, “The Local Fuzz”, was really ambitious.  A 42:16 single track (all instrumental) album that I am guessing they were advised against doing is a really cool idea.  Not to mention that it never lets up in intensity for even a moment of those forty two minutes and sixteen seconds.  But the reality is that it is seldom the right time to play a 42 minute track, and I have probably listened to it “cover to cover” about five times.  I have owned Gravitron less than a week and it’s already exceeded that count.  With catchy song titles such as “Sexecutioner”, “Fuck Face” and “Down With The Swirl” and even catchier songwriting, The Atomic Bitchwax is flexing its muscle with this album, and appears to be using steroids.  I consider Gravitron a “Back In Black” type of album in that I expect to overdose on it now and then keep coming back to it from time to time thirty years later.  By the way, if somehow you are missing any TAB albums, Chris Kosnik is selling the previous seven albums as a ZIPfile download, for only $5 (All seven albums for a total of $5, legal and sold directly by the band).  Here’s where to get it:  You will not get the opportunity again in your life to purchase this much awesome for $5.

Here's the official video for Sexecutioner, from the album Gravitron:

Here is TAB at Dunajam a couple of years ago

If you stick through this one it will be clear to you what an awesome and impressive guitar sound Finn pulls off on the beach!
(If I should ever become rich, I will be at Dunajam)

The Atomic Bitchwax is (L-R):

Bob Pantella (drums)
Finn Ryan (guitar)
Chris Kosnik (vocals, bass)

Rock music might not be the most popular music right now, but it sure is the coolest


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