Monday, April 27, 2015

Listen of the Week! Vol.1

R.I.P. LOTD! Listen of the day is no more. Due to my busy work schedule this year I've been unable to keep current on daily posts. So now I will introduce a weekly segment. A playlist of some new and some old tracks, all heavy! Enjoy our first week.

Former Sepultura/Nailbomb vocalist, Max Cavalera covers the Pantera classic "WALK" on a recent metal cruise.

Keeping with the Cavalera family theme, here's Max's stepson Richie's band Incite.

Stone Sour recently dropped their covers EP.
Their cover of LOVE GUN is quite possibly better than the original.

Here's another cover, a bit more unique. This past New England Hardcore and Metalfest, Between The Buried and Me busted out their own version of the classic Bohemian Rhapsody.

What was once old is now new again....that saying couldn't be more true about this No Life Til Leather record store day Remastered Rerelease. The much sought after tape trading classic.

My favorite new track by Faith No More

If you're a fan of Death and you haven't heard this album......drop what you're doing and check it out.

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  1. F'in sweet post, Grownman. Some notes:
    1) What happened to Max C? He's too bloated to pick up his guitar these days? I think he's under-rated as a guitar player so watching this made me sad.
    2) I didn't know about this Stone Sour album. Take the word "possibly" out and say that this version is more perfectly done than the original. Cool choices for tunes on this EP too. I need to check this album out
    3) I had a cassette version of "No Life Till Leather" and the sound quality was really poor. Whoever remastered this worked a miracle. It's definitely the same exact album I had except now its sound quality is up to par with "Kill 'Em All".
    4) Mike Patton is a freak - versatile isn't a strong enough word

    Great post !!