Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cold Was the Ground

The Midnight Ghost Train has been around since 2007, but it was 2012’s album “Buffalo” which vaulted them into Stoner Rock Elite status.  The Midnight Ghost Train has perfected their unique version of the fuzz sound, and their songwriting talent makes the whole package really special.  Steve Moss’ vocals are reminiscent of Neil Fallon’s on the early Clutch albums.  The new album “Cold Was the Ground” picks up right where “Buffalo” left off.  Both albums start off with short, fast, aggressive instrumental intros that will have you whipping your head up and down almost instantly.  Both albums keep it fresh from beginning to end.  There is not a single sub-par tune on either album; “TMGT” is honest, high-energy hard stoner rock.  Buffalo was rated the “Greatest Stoner Rock Record of 2012” by Heavy Planet magazine, and we have a “greater than or equal to” follow-up early in 2015.  Please click the arrow and see for yourself! 

Here's some live footage:

The Midnight Ghost Train is:

Brandon Burghart – Drums
Steve Moss – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Boyne – Bass

CUNext Sunday

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