Tuesday, March 31, 2015

LOTD! Best of the Worst Times with Paul Dianno

 LOTD!'anno Day

So, I realize we haven't been posting as regularly as we have over the past two years. Many apologies as it has been a busy time in my life and the site has taken a back seat for the moment. Thankfully a friend of the site's own verbal review of the latest Paul Dianno dvd has sparked my listening interests. So today, we shine the spotllight on former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di'anno. Unfortunately based on the reviews of his latest dvd "The Beast Arises", the best part of that dvd and his latest performances have been the tirades and the banter with fans between each song. I'm a long time fan of the guy and I seriously hope that whatever is contributing to his poor vocalizations as of late can be attributed to a "one too many" and not that he's completely lost his mind.
For what it's worth, he is pretty quick when it comes to verbally assaulting drunken fans. Hilarity ensues.

Paul yells at fan of current vocalist Bruce Dickinson.

Paul threatens to kick woman during tribute to Clive Burr.

Paul pissed off in Greece.

Paul singing "Running Free" for his latest DVD. No arguments on this. Just a weird interpretation of songs that he made famous with Maiden. I honestly don't believe he finished pronouncing one word of this song. 

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