Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Puma's Horror Movie Review

Release Date - 1981
Directed & Written by Sam Raimi
Executive Producers - Sam Raimi & Bruce Campbell

   Welcome everyone to our first edition of Puma's horror movie review. Today and from here on out we want to talk about some of best horror flicks we've ever seen, and of course some of the worst. Remember this is just my opinion. Who am I? I'm a 34 year old horror movie maniac. I lived throughout the best years in the industry trying to collect and watch everything out there available to me, from Halloween to I spit on your grave. I survived the rebirth of horror in the nineties, with the Scream and I know what you did series. I've also had to endure the recent remake phenomenon. I've seen enough to give a quality opinion and hope you share it with me.

SEE BELOW - Within The Woods - Sam Raimi's Original short film that served as a prototype for The Evil Dead


  Tonight's review will be based on a movie that changed the face of horror early on. The original Evil Dead came out in October of 1981, a time when the new wave of horror was being taken very seriously in an industry that no one takes seriously to begin with. Horror was always looked at as the bastard child, court jester of film. Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead not only explicitly grabbed you with a gore soaked toe to toe fight with itself(and I'm sure it's budget), but it also brings you the type of tongue in cheek humor that kicks you in the balls. Bruce Campbell is the perfect lead in this film and the two sequels(Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness) that followed. His ability to make you believe in his fear just enough that even he realizes how absurd and campy the situation he's been put in, is flawless. The physical comedy he omits helps you ask the question, how far would you go to survive in that environment, in that situation? Me? I would have never read from the book in the first place. However, if they never did, we would have never known of the Evil Dead.

   If your more familiar with the recent remake, I implore you, please watch the original. The remake I enjoyed, however, this is one of those rare films where the original people who had a hand in the 1981 version came in to adapt the remake, including Sam Raimi. I'll always be a fan of horror new, old, however the older I get the harder it gets to scare or make me see something original. Hence the reason I enjoy the throwbacks. I'll never be four year's old, sitting on my grandmother's couch again but I'll remember the fear that some of these films made me feel. I hope some of you feel the same. Until next time, bolt your windows, lock your doors, check your closets because you never know what lurks behind.

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