Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grownman's Fast Finds meets long overdue LOTD's!

I know, I know. I've been slacking on this month's LOTD! SO much so that I'm posting a monster mash of both Grownman's Fast Finds along with our Daily Listen of the Day (Day 18 to Day 23)...I found some really choice material to sink your teeth into this week. It all fits into the Shocktober theme as all of the bands are eerie and creepy in their own way.

Day 18:
by Chiral

Chiral is a one man Black Metal Band. Can't go wrong with seething vocals, haunting atmospherics and morose songs like this. Toss this on during your Halloween Bash for street cred bonus points.

Day 19:
Sleepwalking Toward Armageddon
by Adrenochrome

Rhode Island based death metal. Good live stuff. Keeping it as brutal as their studio recording was.

Day 20:
Animal Mother
by Today is the Day

crazy bastard music...I met Steve Austin before a show in springfield mass years ago. He was the quietest well mannered person I've ever met. Then he hit the stage & unleashed a can of whoop ass that the club hadn't seen before. With the mic literally planted in his mouth Austin and company annihilated. This cd follows suit and is definitely one for the Today is the Day fans of any era. Even the goddamn acoustic songs are demented as hell.

Day 21:
Ego Dominus Tuus
by Nightbringer

In Latin, the title of this album is "I AM YOUR LORD"....whatever denomination they lord over, the masses must be hellacious. This is one of the most immense sounding black metal albums I've heard in a while. I mean straight up black metal. It's so loud and all encompassing that it's almost difficult to listen to. Now who's up for a challenge?

Day 22:
Back From The Abyss
by Orange Goblin

Have to admit, I wasn't always a huge fan of these guys. I heard about them thanks to their split with Electric Wizard years ago. I've peeked in on their stuff throughout the years and nothing ever completely brought me into their desert stoner fold. Cut to the present. Really tasty album right here. Majority of the songs are fun and of high quality. I hear a few "meh" songs in the mix but overall great stuff. The closing instrumental, "Shadow over Innsmouth", is inspired by HP Lovecraft's story of the same name. Is it creepy, scary or epic? Maybe not but you can definitely put your weed in there.

Day 23:
Mass & Volume
by Pig Destroyer

dah! geezzzzus!
Back in the day, if a band as batshit crazy sounding as Pig Destroyer had crossed into another genre's playing field they'd be crucified. Well Pig Destroyer just don't give a flying fuckaroo. This is monstrous doom metal. Slow, heavy and so full of hate I feel the spit bursting from J.R. Haye's lips. Tastes like bacon. These tracks were recorded during the Phantom Limb era about 7 years ago and are now finally seeing the light of day...umm..or dark of night. Either way they have a place in the great expanse of the modern day doom universe. 

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