Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Column - KISS REPORT

 I know a lot of folks out there who love the band, the entity, the make up and the money making machine known as KISS. But there are few fans who are as loyal as Gary DeAngelis. This man blocks out his vacations each year to attend the KISS Cruise. He's met each member and continues to travel around the country attending meet and greets. He eats, sleeps and drinks KISS. So every month(we hope) he'll be breaking down his love of the band and his experiences meeting each member in a new column entitled KISS REPORT. I know there are a lot of KISS fans out there so I hope they will get a kick out of his personal experiences and thoughts on this Psycho Circus. -grownman

I can remember it like it was yesterday.....
The year is 1992.
I was laying on the couch watching Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. It's at the end of the movie and Bill & Ted go in the future to learn how to play the guitar. They start to play and I sit up and listen very carefully because the song grabbed a hold of me and I fell in love.
The song they played - "God gave Rock and Roll to you II" and the artist......KISS

At that point forward my life was forever changed.

Now I'm sure that wasn't the first time I have heard KISS. My dad listened to WHJY all the time,and also his workout room was in the room right next to mine so he would listen to all his music while he lifted and Kiss was in the rotation. But something about that song just grabbed me. I watched the end of that movie many, many times and listened to all the words so I could write them down so I could sing it along with the movie. (You got to remember that this was way before I could pop on google and grab the lyrics with in a minute) Now at this point I have only heard KISS and have no idea what these guys look like. Now as a 9 year old kid when I finally got to see the Original band in costume I was hooked. I tried my best over the next few years to get into the band but as 9 year old kid it was hard to just go to the store and pick up a KISS CD.  So I had to settle for the radio and Bill & Ted.

It wasn't until 1995 that really changed everything for me with KISS.
On our local public access channel they actually had a show called - "Rock & Roll All Night" and it was a show dedicated to all things Kiss. On one of the episodes they announced that KISS would be doing a MTV unplugged and it would be airing on Halloween night. I was overjoyed.

So I watched the show and if I wasn't hooked before, then I was now. I didn't know the history of the band too well but I knew seeing Peter Criss and Ace Frehley walk on stage to perform was something big and special in the Kiss world.

As a kid Kiss was everything. I mean think about it. You had a band wearing makeup with guitars standing on a stage while things blew up and they sang some catchy tunes. I saw them and just thought how cool they looked.

Now my next piece will be Seeing Kiss live for the first time and my thoughts on the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

Until next time....
No place for hidin' baby
No place to run
You pull the trigger of my............Kiss Report(wont be Love Gun cause that's Paul Stanley's Dick and that's gross)


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