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Iron Reagan are no doubt one of the leaders of the modern Thrash Metal movement and are my favorite of the bunch. Just view one of their videos or just attend an Iron Reagan performance and you'll see that these guys love what they do and so do their diehard fans. The resurgence of the the crossover/thrash movement has been a really exciting time and this Friday, Iron Reagan brings a great show to Providence alongside EYEHATEGOD and Vektor at Simon's 677. For me this as close as it gets to seeing one of my favorite bands performing in a an atmosphere that's got the vibe of an 80's metal show. Recently I reached out to the band and was happy to be able to speak to Iron Reagan's main man, Tony Foresta. We talk a bit about the bands that influenced his love of Metal and what we can expect from the band in the future. Also he was gracious enough to answer my own hypothetical question about who he'd share a stage with given I was a rich man who could put together a "BIG FOUR". You'll be suprised by who he picks. Enjoy the conversation and check out the show Friday, I don't think Providence is gonna be the same.

HMT: Hey guys, I just heard about your tour with Eyehategod and Vektor. It seems like you guys tour with a lot of bands that aren't necessarily thrash or crossover. Is it just coincidence or do you guys intentionally look for a more diverse lineup when it comes to touring?

TF: Vektor is a thrash band! Haha. But yeah I like to mix it up with bands we tour with. It keeps it interesting. Who really wants to go to a show where all the bands sound the same. With that being said I think Eyehategod and Iron Reagan are a good match. We've played together before and its been a lot of fun. Both bands are aggressive in their own way and bring out a really fun crowd. I'm really looking forward to this tour.
Cover of next Iron Reagan album "The Tyranny of Will"

HMT: Your split with Exhumed was amazing. As both a long time fan of death metal legends Exhumed and a total Reaganomic (my new phrase for an Iron Reagan fanatic like me) it was a dream match up. Are there any other bands you'd like to do a split with?

TF: Reaganomic! Haha! We have a split coming out with this really young band from Europe called Toxic Shock in a couple months. That's gonna be released on Reflections Records in Belgium. There's a couple other bands that we have been talking to but I don't want to spoil anything. I love splits. I'm a Spazz fan. Haha.

HMT:  The cold war and 80's politics inspired a lot of the Crossover bands of that era. Do you see a correlation between the global resurgence of the Thrash and crossover scene and the current state of politics and world strife?

TF: Maybe not so much with the metal scene but I think when George Bush Jr was president there was an amazing resurgence in U.S. hardcore. I don't really know if politics had anything to do with it but I kind of like to think so.

HMT: You guys are inspiring a new generation of thrash and crossover fans. Who inspired you guys as musicians when you were starting out?

TF: Avail was a big inspiration for me. Their whole DIY approach to everything they did no matter how big they got was very inspiring. Musically old C.O.C., Gang Green and Nuclear Assault had a big impact on me wanting to play the kind of music I've been playing. I love bands that are intense, smart and heavy yet still have a sense of humor. It seems way more honest to me.

HMT: I prefer to actually own a vinyl, cassette and cd of my favorite bands. Do you find that having a lot of your music accessible on bandcamp actually makes owning the actual vinyl, cassette and cd much more special?

TF: I think Bandcamp is a great tool. Especially for new bands. Iron Reagan definitely wouldn't be at the place we are now with out it. The Spoiled Identity ep got 50,000 plays and 20,000 downloads in the first week. That was pretty crazy to me. It's such a fast way to get your music out to people and it has helped me find out about a lot of bands I normally wouldn't have noticed. However I am a record nerd and if I like your band I'm sure as shit gonna get that vinyl. Now that I think of it. I've bought a few records from bands that I've found on bandcamp. So yeah, band camp is a great tool. But I gotta own a physical copy of something if I really like it.

HMT: You guys have a good relationship with Joel Grind and Toxic Holocaust and recently toured together. Any chance we see you guys working together in the future?

TF: Iron Reagan and Toxic Holocaust were supposed to tour Europe in November but the promoter was a super sketch ball and kept pulling shit so we bailed on it. Womp womp. We will most likely do something with them in the near future. I love those fucking guys.

HMT: Say I hit the jackpot and decide to put together a Big 4 concert from today's current bands. Without a doubt you are the first guys I think of putting  on the bill. Besides yourselves, what other three bands would you love to share stage time with?

TF: Weird Al, Prince and a Black Ice reunion.

HMT:. Lastly, you guys are coming to Providence!

TF: Yeah in like a week! See you soon!

Be sure to check out Friday's Show at Simon's 677 in Providence and the following links for more info about Iron Reagan and Tony Foresta. 
 Iron Reagan is
Rob Skotis - bass
Ryan Parrish - drums
Landphil Hall - guitars
Mark Bronzino - guitars
Tony Foresta - vocals

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