Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fast Finds Returns!

Grownman's Fast Finds returns this week with three uniquely different bands with one thing in common...they all kick serious ass. Rotate your dashboard Jesus and sit tight as we take this mother lover into overdrive.

Woods of Desolation - As The Stars
I've become a huge fan of Black Metal bands these days that excel at soaring melodies. As the genre progresses and pulls itself out of the muck of church burning stereotypes, many current BM bands are embracing beautifully haunting soundscapes. This is Woods of Desolation's third album. It's bright and emotional. The entire album seems to float along in vapors that permeate your ears and disperse through your dome. The cover art is beautiful as well. Pick this sucker up.

Shades of Black - Ocean
I love Meshuggah. Am I a fan of "Djent" style? know the whole high gain, palm mute sound Meshuggah made popular. I'm really not sure. Shades of Black speak "Djent" with a Middle Eastern accent. It's ironic since there are no vocals on this album and the project hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Where am I going with this?...this is a progressive metal instrumental album that's really pleasing to my ears like the first time I listened to a late 80's Steve Vai record. This music makes me feel like I'm gaining a few points on an IQ test while eating foreign food stateside. Oh yeah, this was all done by one young fella, Matt's that for overachieving?

Wild Throne - Blood Maker
What hath you bringeth to me-ith? This is really interesting stuff. I'm not sure if being so hooked immediately after one listen is a good thing but I'm not complaining. I have a feeling this is gonna be a band you hear about on the mainstream really soon. It only takes Wild Throne three tracks to do what many bands on the mainstream probably take a decade to accomplish(and quickly undo on a sophomore effort). Not quite metal, not quite rock n' rolla'...feels good anyway. Wild Throne is the pusha man. First three tracks are $3...I promise I can quit when I want to....(presses repeat)

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