Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Opinions Are Like Assholes... #2

Your favorite new feature is back. That's right Grownman and I are back to tell you our opinions on songs you may or may not know exist! I know you love it.

Year: 2010
 Woah! This is the type of stuff my buddy clint and I were listening to back in the day when he rear ended a car in downtown Providence and luckily the other driver took off. Black, Grind and Post hardcore elements mashed together like a well groomed sandwich. I tend to stray towards the spazzo grindcore stuff more than traditional black metal. I have an attention span problem with some of it and although much of the black metal I do enjoy is more on the epic side I like to cut to the chase. This definitely gets right to it and the vocals are definitely legit BM. The guitars have that grind texture with some really interesting post hardcore interludes. Check out wear the short shamanic wail transitions into a distorted guitar sound. Amazing. First time listen for me and I enjoyed it.
I love this entire demo but this is the best track off it. These guys really have a sense of being able to insert memorable riffs into raw Black Metal. One of the best USBM bands their is right here. I wish they would release something other than an EP or demo. Rumor is these guys are the main force behind all the Rhinocervs releases (along with Tukaaria, maybe they are Tukaaria?), most of which I fucking love. Readers (and Grownman), if you dont know Rhinocervs is a label who releases raw BM cassettes all untitled. No band names, no song names, no nothing. It's basically a circle of BM musicians but nobody is 100% sure who is in it. Along the same lines as the Black Twilight Circle which is a collective of BM musicians behind the awesome tunes of Arizmenda, Volahn, etc., all of which is highly recommended.

Year: 2010
Ok, so I gotta admit Hooded Menace have one of the best band logos I've seen in some time. I'm often wary of bands that have excellent art / design because some of my favorite underground bands never put that much attention into detail. This song has a real heaviness to it. It's menacing ala the tone of guitars in an Alice in Chains track. The vocals are not as great as say a Chris Barnes who I consider the best at this style of "cookie monster" vocals. Maybe it's the mix. The vocals are so upfront that I keep focusing more on them and not so much on the cool doomy groove beneath it. The highlight of the song is the short span of time where the song picks up the pace and the vocals join the groove. Ultimately the song is probably not their greatest but hints toward a lot of different possibilities. I'll keep listening.


Gotta agree with Grownman about the logo. Too bad they got rid of the hooded dudes when the signed to Relapse. This isn't on eof their best songs but Hooded Menace are one of my favorite bands period. More Doom than Death, as I read somewhere before this sounds like Bloodbath covering Candlemass. The deep gurgle with the huge, slow as molasses riffs. The songwriting and production improved on their first Relapse release last year so Grownman and anyone else who saw potential in this might want to check that one out.

Album: Complete and Total Fucking Midnight
Song: Take You To Hell
Year: 2005
Nothing better than a throwback band that gets it. This fits in the era where bands like Black Flag and DRI existed alongside Judas Priest and AC/DC. This track is a great introduction to the Midnight sound. I've loved them ever since Fork Tongue told me about these guys. Bands like this can really get your head right.


Ahh Midnight. My favorite band these days. Memorable riffs, memorable lyrics, memorable, vocals. Fun, heavy, sleazy...everything this kind of Metal should be. If Venom came inside of Motorhead and accidentally got them pregnant outcome would be Midnight, the spawn of Satan himself. This track is a little slowed down compared to the usual Speed Metal of Midnight and it really shows off the song writing ability of the one man band of Jamie Walters. Memorable Metal songs these days are hard to come by. Anthems in Metal these days are hard to come by. One a band like Midnight comes along and produces both of those things on a routine basis you need to sit up, take notice and the support that shit. In a day where over the top technical wankery and breakdowns rule the Heavy Metal roost, Midnight stands out. It's all about the SONGS man, the SONGS.

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