Friday, November 22, 2013

Fast Finds

Welcome back to another edtion of Grownman's Fast Finds where I pick a select few of my favorite finds of this past week/weekend to highlight for your ears only! This week we journey into the smokey depths of Belzebong, strike you in the rod with Lightning and leave you gasping for more with EVIL KILLER. check'em out!

Belzebong - Dungeon Vultures EP
Stoner, Doom, Drone whatever you wanna call it metal. This is slow plodding, sludgey and plunging metal in the same category as one of my favorites Electric Wizard. This track is devoid of vocals and is an immense 14 minute stoney journey that's bookended by some classic movie drops.

Lightning - Demo 2013
This is some really old sounding throwback shit. Sounds like they recorded this on cassette, left it out in the rain, had a radio station play it over the air and had someone tape it on an old sears roebuck duel cassette boomer. Aside from the production this is pretty cool stuff. The stuff I miss when I've spent 4 hours weeding through overproduced, poorly written and executed Power Metal. Sorta reminiscent of early Maiden.

This will blow those Pioneer speakers off your wall. Great production, great build ups in the song writing and great overall musicianship. This has a power metal feel even though I think the band tags itself as "Speed Metal". Throw in the prog overtones and this makes this unique mix one that should stay playing in your earbuds for hours.

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