Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Psyke Project - Guillotine

Converge's Jane Doe came to mind when I first tossed on The Psyke Project. High standards to measure against. "Guillotine" can hang. This album proves that they have the unrelenting power and aggression that can push those big old alpine speakers right off the wood paneling of your mancave and leave you clutching the arms of your easy chair wondering if you can even stand another minute of the barrage. It is that damn good.

The vocals are intense and are really reminiscent at times of Converge's Jacob Bannon's delivery on Jane Doe. The bass and slamming riffs converge (no pun intended) and put the listener into a trance at times as they crash and sway over and over like on Partisan.
The drumming is in a constant groove beneath all the mayhem keeping things in place.
There is a an overall "driven to the edge of sanity" feeling to this album especially on the stand out tracks Guillotine, The End and Partisan. I give this band high marks and look forward to seeing where they take this sound on their next release.

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