Wednesday, September 4, 2013

INTHESHIT - Grindcore outfit from Boston cd review, tour and band info

I came across this band on Bandcamp this week and was immediately hooked. It's an intense band. A grindcore outfit from my home state. Hailing from Boston, the band is gearing up to do several dates in New England this October. So let's check out INTHESHIT's latest release "This Failed Jokes Over".

On their latest release "This Failed Jokes Over", the band turn the screws up and deliver a tight and aggressive effort that is as much Hardcore as it is Grindcore. Now more than ever this band demands attention. Earlier this summer I reviewed Phil Anselmo and the Illegals "Through Exits Only". An extreme masterpiece of brutality. Dare I say INTHESHIT's "This Failed Jokes Over" really can hold it's own with the big boys. Ian Dower's delivery is reminiscent of Phil's off that record. That's a great thing! Ian sounds like he's tearing the Prudential Building to it's foundation as each furious lyric is doled out like a ten ton hammer. Bassist John Delmonte's pissed off shouts soar like hand grenade's over Ian who is in full berzerker mode on track's like Krieg, Mobius Strip and Imminence. John's bass fuzzes and burns everything in it's path. Drummer John Gillis is a MACHINE! The blast beats, changes and utter barrage he unleashes on every damn song are the steel tracks this panzer of a band ride on. With all that said, there is a real groove factor that pops up in songs that take them from the standard grindcore blueprint and transition them into a more old school hardcore feel.
Recently, the band acquired two new guitarists. Seth Wilson (also of Spitting Black) and Eric Struth (of western mass metalers Katahdin) round out this pretty damaging and extreme brand of Hardcore/Grindcore.
This band sounds like it's growing with each release into a full unit of devastation. Look for them on tour and check out their bandcamp page for more details.

Recording Update
INTHESHIT are just about to record a new demo and record for an upcoming split 7inch with Godstomper. They also have a split 7inch with Priapus from North Carolina coming out later this year/early next year. Both 7inches are coming out on give praise records.

Upcoming tour dates in October

10/15 providence, RI @ AS220 w/tba
10/16 Montclair, NJ @ The Meatlocker w/tba
10/17 Chapel hill, NC @ The Cave w/ Old Codger and RBT
10/18 Richmond,VA @ Strange Matter w/ Negative Approach and The Casualties 
10/19 Philly, Pennsylvania @ The Pariah House w/ occult45 and lowlife 
10/20 Long Island, NY w/ Mother Brain, weird and pissed off, kings of the ring and more tba.

Bandcamp Site 

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