Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrawsunblat EP "Vast Arboreal Sky"

Yesterday, our "Listen of the Day"(a new daily add on) was Woods of Ypres' "Green Album". A band hailing from Canada, formed in 2002 by David Gold, Aaron Palmer, and Brian McManus. The band released 5 influential Doom/Black/Folk inspired metal albums. The enigmatic band's powerful songs covered themes like suicide, depression and relationships. In 2012, the band was awarded the Juno Award in the Metal/Hard Music category for their final album "Woods V".

Origin of Thrawsunblat and the closing of the Woods of Ypres chapter

 In 2010, lead singer David Gold performed drums for bandmate Joel Violette's band Thrawsunblat on their demo. Thrawsunblat's "Canada" with both David and Joel was released in 2010.
Black Sky track from Thrawsunblat's Canada

David Gold and Joel Violette recorded the Woods of Ypres' final studio album "Woods V" in August of 2011.
On Dec, 21st, 2011, on the verge of Woods of Ypres first European tour, David Gold was tragically killed in a auto collision near Ontario. The tour was set to debut Rae Amitay and Brendan Hayter as members of the band. After Gold's death, the band decided to close the chapter on Woods of Ypres. Their final release in 2012, "Woods V", won Canada's Juno Award for "Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year".

Rae and Brendan joined the lineup of Violette's own Thrawsunblat. In 2013, they've released "Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings"and the EP "Vast Arboreal Sky". 
"Vast Arboreal Sky" is a 3 track ep of acoustically arranged covers of songs from Thrawsunblat's "Canada" release with Golden.

Thrawsunblat's "Vast Arboreal Sky" is a beautiful and melodic tribute to those songs.
Please check out their bandcamp page, website and support them by checking out the links below.

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THRAWSUNBLAT is a raw black / melodic folk metal band from New Brunswick, Canada.
Current line-up:
Joel Violette: Songs, guitars, vocals, keys, tin whistle.
Rae Amitay: Smashing loud things.
Brendan Hayter: Plucking big strings.
Jeff Mott: Fiddlin’.

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