Friday, August 9, 2013


Newsted - Heavy Metal Music

Ah, Metallica. It's difficult to avoid mentioning the band when listening and reviewing NEWSTED's new release "HEAVY METAL MUSIC". Some have asked where the heaviness of Metallica has gone over the years. Turn on "HEAVY METAL MUSIC" and you'll find the answer. This is Jason's first crack as lead singer and bass player simultaneously for a band. His delivery is somewhere between the mid tones of Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and the pacing of Lemmy of Motorhead.

NEWSTED -  Mushok, Newsted, Mendez, Farnsworth 
The band's lineup stars Mike Mushok(STAIND) and Jessie Farnsworth on guitars and Jesus Mendez on drums. This is as straight forward as the title of the album. The music is rhythmic with plenty of chug and a few nice solo's dispersed within each song. The song writing is really accessible and the lyrics are written very well for NEWSTED's first time out. After the years of playing with more progressive bands like Voivod or his own Echobrain project, it's nice to see Newsted returning to his roots. The bass is still his forte as evidenced on tracks like Ampossible and Long Time Dead. The break neck pace of each song driven by his thrash style bass playing compliments the steady rhythm of the band. Like Motorhead, each song is constantly moving forward at a breakneck pace. My only criticism is that he left off my favorite NEWSTED song from the original EP. That tune is Godsnake. Probably their best lyrically written song of the bunch.
Congrats to Jason and the band for an excellent start to hopefully a long future of HEAVY METAL MUSIC.

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