Sunday, August 18, 2013

Support Local Music

You never quite know what's lurking around your area. I've come upon quite a few RI/Mass bands lately who are right up my alley. I always thought the scene here was populated by more mainstream metal fare than anything but apparently there's a whole under the underground scene that I wasn't completely aware of and today I'll do a little profile of two of my favorites.

Hailing from Rhode Island, ETERNAL KHAN is a band I ignored for a bit without hearing the music. I heard the name, I saw the album cover and for some reason it screamed DEATHCORE to me, which I'm generally not a fan of. Earlier this year, another metal scribe whom I'm generally on the same page with gave them the thumbs up so I decided to give them a shot. Upon first listen I knew I had stumbled upon a gem. In 2012 my #1 album was FAUSTCOVEN Hellfire and Funeral Bells which combines Black Metal elements with the slow dirge of Doom to brilliant results. On their new EP A Primitive History ETERNAL KHAN, while certainly their own entity, blend the same elements together for similar results.

ETERNAL KHAN has quickly become my favorite local band. I'm looking forward to what they can do on a full length and hoping they create enough noise to get picked up by a decent label like Nuclear War Now! and get some decent distribution.

You can grab their CD at the great Armageddon Shop or listen to the EP and buy it direct from the band at their Bandcamp page.

At the other end of the spectrum is SANGUS LEGIONARIS also from Rhode Island. A Black/Thrash/Crust outfit who has been stealing the show from known bands for a little while now. Their 1st demo Vengeful Brutality is just a raw, uncompromising mix of some of my favorite things. Instead of me fishing for a proper description, it's much better to let the music do the talking.

You can also check out more of SANGUS by purchasing the cassette from Armageddon Shop or at the above Bandcamp.

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