Monday, August 19, 2013

Heavy Metal Textbook's Exclusive Interview w/
Blaze Bayley
Lead Vocalist of bands: Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley
Recently I had a chance to speak via email with the enigmatic heavy metal vocalist, Blaze Bayley. He first garnered my attention on a track called "Virus" off of a Best of Iron Maiden cd I picked up when I was just getting back into the band. He fronted the band from 94 to 99 and went on to a successful solo career of his own. Recently he recorded an EP (RUSSIAN HOLIDAY) with classical guitarist Thomas Zwijsen who is now a member of Blaze's band. Russian Holiday is a pretty amazing EP and I highly recommend listening to their rendition of Maiden's "Sign of the Cross". Later this year Blaze is a releasing a retrospective of some of his work called Soundtrack of My Life. Follow the links below the interview for more information and check out his great website.

HMT: First off congratulations on the success of your tour and your recent releases "King of Metal" and the acoustic EP with Thomas Zwijsen. I follow you on social media and am enjoying the tour photos. Is this the most fun you have had on tour?

Blaze: I have really enjoyed it! Because it is just me and Thomas, it means I can do the tour in my own car, not a huge amount of set-up is required. It is all very low stress. Other tours are fun too but require more organization on the road.

HMT: I really enjoyed the Maiden covers you performed live on your own tour that were not part of the Maiden set when you were fronting them. Russian Holiday has an amazing cover of "Sign of the Cross", was that one of those tunes you've always wanted to perform? You and Thomas really made that tune epic. 

Blaze: After working with Thomas on the song Soundtrack of my life, I thought we would be able bring something extra ordinary with Sign of the Cross. I love that song and it has come out exactly the way i wanted it.

HMT: You're set to release your Greatest Hits. How do you decide which songs you'd want to represent your total body of work?

Blaze: It is not really a greatest hits. I wanted to take the fan through the journey I have been through. These are the songs that made a difference for me. That I find very important for my career.

HMT: Your voice sounds as strong as it has ever been in your career. With all the touring and recording how do you keep it in such great shape?

Blaze: Rest and water. Those are the two most important things. I also don't smoke and take drugs. It is all about keeping healthy and not talking too much before the gig. Which is difficult for me because I love to meet the fans before and after the show.

HMT: Lastly, you've lived the life that so many metal musicans and fans only dream about. We really respect that the music comes first and you're not afraid to show your own admiration for the songs you cover. How do you keep such a level head and modest attitude about everything?

Blaze: I think that i was truly privileged to be chosen to be the singer of the biggest heavy metal band in the world. It is easy to get carried away but i feel that i have now found the perfect balance between singing and my private life. At home I am Bayley Cooke, not the singer. I have also had to work really hard to keep going so you don't take things for granted.

Thanks so much Blaze! 
That was a blast.

Make sure to check out the following links to find out more about his upcoming release "Soundtracks of My Life", tour dates and pick up the EP "Russian Holiday" while you're at it. HAIL METAL!

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