Sunday, June 16, 2013

What's next?

First off thanks for stopping by this blog. I decided that this would be a great place to celebrate my love of heavy metal. I've always enjoyed exploring and learning about the whole musical landscape of heavy metal. Much of what I love today was spawned from conversations with friends who either were musicians themselves or diehard fanatics with a propensity to seek out and purchase anything heavy metal.
So this is my proposal to you, my loyal blog reader. Tell me what you love about this crazy and wonderful subculture. While I could write several volumes of books on my own personal experiences, I wanna hear from you.

What do I have to offer to you?
Well for starters, I'm bringing to the table some lively Q&A's and conversations with some of those same metal musicians and fanatics I was talking about. Together we will explore Heavy Metal, it's history, what attracts us to it and what it takes to create the mayhem. We'll  also explore the various playlists these fine people spin from their own personal collection.
As a special added bonus we will be reviewing both obscure and mainstream releases. If it's Metal you want? You'r gonna get it.
From the old school to the new school...Heavy Metal is in session

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