Monday, June 17, 2013


BEST BUY only Deluxe Bonus Track

Ok first off, I was pretty shocked that even the special deluxe version(sold on the Sabbath site included the vinyl, special photos, hand written lyrics and 3 bonus tracks) does not carry this track.
This is a special "4th track" only available on the Best Buy deluxe edition.
First off, the track really is not on par with the majority of tracks (including the other three bonus tracks) on "13". Yes, it does indeed have the feel of a B-side on an early 80's Ozzy solo album. I was dismayed by the reuse of the lyrics "religion and politics" towards the latter half of the song. The only real positive I can come up with is Tony Iommi's fantastic playing on the track. He busts into the second half of this short song with a riff reminiscent of a crazy train coming off the tracks. He provides an energy that Ozzy's performance can't match. Ozzy's delivery is stagnant and the songwriting really doesn't feel fully realized. It is with dismay that this was even included with the rest of the album. The only place it belongs is somewhere towards the end of a bootleg. This is not an essential track, just Sabbath for Sabbath's sake.

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