Thursday, December 31, 2020


2020 Top Ten Stoner Rock Albums (#10-1)

Starting with the number 10 album, and finishing with number 1:

Each tune is one I've never posted or included in a playlist, as I hold the belief that these albums are deep enough to make re-posting unnecessary for making a great playlist.  

Here are some tunes from what I think are the ten best best stoner rock albums of the year 2020:

#10: "The Path To The Deathless" by Red Mesa

Red Mesa have produced a flawless heavy stoner/doom album with enough variety to keep me listening all year long.  I felt this would be top 10 material when I first heard it and haven't changed my mind since.  
Also, probably album cover of the year for me.

#9: "Omens"  by Elder

Every time Elder releases an album, you can expect two things:
-it will not be quite what you expected
-it will reveal its genius to you if you stick with it
This one took me awhile, but only because I wasn't ready for its ideas.  All of that is old news now, as Omens has finally gotten through to me.  A new Elder release is similar to what a new Led Zeppelin release used to be.   
If you told me this was your number one album of the year, I wouldn't argue with you.

#8:  "Mass Hypnosis And The Dark Triad" by Bill Fisher

This kind of originality in rock music hasn't been seen in decades.  
Highly addictive album.

#7:  "Glorious Babylon" by Lord Fowl
Everybody knows I am a sucker for throwback rock, and Lord Fowl is preserving the art form of 1970s style hard rock like few other bands do.  
This album will stand the test of time.

#6:    "Groovy" by Geezer
As I've mentioned before, this album art does not disappoint or deceive.  The level of coolness you expect of your album after seeing this cover art is met, and then exceeded.  I'm from Massachusetts but will never ever downplay the amount of great rock music to have come from New York.

#5:    "Acid Doom" by Old Blood


#4:    "Seaward" by Mr. Bison
Covid shut down Italy, but not Italian stoner rock.  
This album earns legendary status.

#3: "Get Out Of Your Mind" by Ten Foot Wizard
Manchester, U.K.
Nailed it.
Must own album.

#2: "Dead End" by R.I.P.
Pure Genius from Portland Oregon.
Can't get enough of this album.

#1:    "Wise Words From The Uninformed" by Mississippi Bones
They already had the best E.P. of the year (The Witch Of Fulci Holler) and now they have the best L.P. too.  Mississippi Bones can not be underestimated.  The Witch of Fulci Holler comes with a book, and Wise Words comes with a Weekly World News style newspaper.  Check it out here; it's very entertaining.

Stay safe and rock hard tonight.
Happy New Year!


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