Thursday, November 28, 2019


Heavy, Psychedelic Pop Rock
Is there such a thing?  The answer is yes.  Thanks to Cities On Flame, who I follow on Bandcamp, for finding this.  
Their sound makes me guess that Swedish Death Candy was influenced by Queens of the Stone Age, and Blur during their psychedelic years (Blur, 13 and Think Tank).  

Hardly knock-offs though, Swedish Death Candy are equally talented songwriters and just as distinctive as their influences.  This is an avenue of music I never expected to find, but I love it and think you have to agree that it deserves to be called heavy.  

Here are the first two tracks, "Interstellar Love Machine" and "Modern Child."  

Give this one a chance to develop:

Heavier now, with a real QOTSA feel up front.  Again though, recognize the individuality and fresh take on some of those musical ideas:

On the fence about calling them heavy?  Call them many more things in addition to heavy, but heavy needs to be high on the list.  Check out this live performance/(practice?) of one of their older tunes; it's epic.

Swedish Death Candy released their first EP in 2016, and has a full length album as well prior to "Are You Nervous?"
They are:
Louis D R Perry,
Jiwoon Whang,
Marco Ninni,
Francesco Codardo

God bless Bandcamp!
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