Friday, February 8, 2019

If you've already heard this, go on about your business; nothing to see here.  But this tune is new to me, and it's worth sharing.  I've always loved King's X, and here we've got Dug Pinnick being used to repeatedly sing "go fuck yourself".  Dug's voice is in my all-time pantheon of rock singers, and the result here is memorable.  You've even got George Lynch being a boss at the end of the tune.  
Hear & see for yourself:
May have a review tomorrow, if not will make up for it next weekend.  

Right now I'm going to watch that Superbowl again.  Nobody's ever shut down these Rams like that before;  The '85 Bears let up 10 points, and the 2000 Ravens let up 7, and neither the Pats nor the Giants in those days was as scary a team as these current Rams.  Most impressive Pats win to date; God Bless Bill Belichick!

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