Thursday, January 4, 2018

First Review of 2018:

I had pre-ordered this on Amazon, and it was finally available to download today.  I have come to view Weedpecker as very comparable to Elder.  They are operating on a higher level than most bands, both in terms of technical proficiency and in creativeness of songwriting.  The sprawling, evolving song structures resemble free-form jams but are so good that we can tell they are well thought out.  Those who felt that Weedpecker II was too mellow will find this one a bit heavier.  Here is the track that was pre-released, called "Liquid Sky": (somehow this dude had this track back in early May)

Now, one of my three favorites, "From Mars To Mercury".

I like Weedpecker III better than Elder's "Reflections Of A Floating World", and that's saying a lot.  

Am only on my first listen but this is my favorite of the three Weedpecker albums already.  Get it here digitally for $6.99 from Amazon, or from the source, Stickman Records here.  First 2018 album I've heard and I already expect in to be on my top ten list in December.  

Weepecker is:
Wyro-guitar & vocal
Bartek-guitar & vocal

Finally, here's a picture I found on the band's Facebook page that made me laugh:

Over and out, and Happy New Years!   -ULTRA

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