Friday, November 10, 2017

(Free Samples)
Here are some brand new free samples on Bandcamp that might make you want to buy the full meal:

POTION: "Seven Sorcerers/Gravemaker"
I found this one just by watching the bottom scroll on the Bandcamp main page, showing what's being purchased on the site in real time.  The name, title and album cover caught my eye.  This band from Sydney is giving us its first two tracks for free, and they make me want to hear what's next. 

HAZEMAZE: "Live At Copperfields"
Another band giving us its first music for free, and these three guys from Stockholm have the balls to put out live recordings before releasing any studio tracks.  Some of these tunes  might not have impressed me if it weren't for the sincerity with which these guys play them.  I definitely look forward to a studio release.  Hazemaze will remind you of Pentagram from time to time.

TWELVE BOAR: "No Forgiveness"
This band has its whole library available for free, but have a healthy amount of Bandcamp listeners who paid money for them.  Listen and you will understand why.  Really high quality hard rock, somewhere between AC/DC and Nashville Pussy.  Twelve Boar are from Aldershot, England.  

That's it for now.  If you want to try a 60 to 80 minute assortment of classic stoner rock tunes, check out one of my playlists.  Until next time


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