Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cypress Ave


Movin' On

The Midnight Ghost Train is Moving on from what they normally do, and the results are sometimes bewildering and sometimes breathtaking.  There is a lot of variety here; check out one from the breathtaking category, "The Boogie Down".  Sounds like what the band Cake would sound like after they listening to a lot of funk.  The inclusion of horns justifies my "Movin' On" title:

And "Lemon Trees" is another unexpected direction for this band, but just draws me in every time I hear it:

I have to admit, I would have been just fine if The Midnight Ghost Train was like AC/DC and just put out more of exactly what we expect every few years.  But they have the artistic bug, and this album seems to have the band putting out feelers in all kinds of directions.  I am still scratching my head a bit at "The Watchers Nest", "Black Wave" and "I Can't Let You Go" a bit, but love "Red Eyed Junkie Queen" and "Bury Me Deep".  In the end, "Cypress Ave." really reminds me of how I felt as a kid after seeing "The Empire Strikes Back"; I could not have been more on-board after the first movie, but then the second movie had so many awesome parts but left me saying "don't leave me hanging like this!".  Cypress Ave makes me feel the same way, wondering how long I will have to wait to learn where the band goes from here.  In any case, there is no denying how sincere Steve Moss is, and how forceful a rock presence he is

The Midnight Ghost Train is:
Steve Moss - Guitar / Vocals
Brandon Burghart - Drums
Mike Boyne - Bass

(Brandon - Mike -Steve)

 Got another playlist for you; this one was the best to date at its time.  It's 14% Boston Stoner Rock (2 Roadsaw tunes), 14% New Jersey (2 Atomic Bitchwax) and 14% Texas (2 Wo Fat).  Check out Stoner Rock Playlist #6, below.

Catch you next weekend, peoples      -ULTRA

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