Thursday, July 20, 2017

Straight-Shootin' Stoner/Blues

Five Horse Johnson has been putting out high quality blues rock since the nineties.  Quite often they are claimed by stoner rock fans, perhaps due to their relative obscurity or perhaps due to their friendship with the band Clutch, a member of the Stoner Rock Hall of Fame.  For me, when Five Horse Johnson releases an album, I know that every tune will be good, and that there will be a few standouts that I'll want to play again and again years down the line.  I am several listens into Jake Leg Boogie, and here are a couple of those standouts:

First, track #2, "Magic Man" (no reference to Cal Naughton, Jr. as far as I can tell): 

Next, my favorite track on the album, entitled "Daddy Was A Gun":

And just in case this is your first introduction to the band, why don't you check out the classic "Soul Digger", off of one of their greatest albums, called "The Lat Men On Earth":

And here's a collaboration with friends Clutch, recorded for the album "Sucking The 70's: Back In The Saddle Again", an epic 2-disc album featuring the best of the best stoner rock bands covering tunes from the 1970's.  This is a cover of Parliament's "Red Hot Mama".  

Five Horse Johnson is:
Eric Oblander-Vox/Harp
Brad Coffin-Guitar/Vox
Steve Smith-Bass
Phil Durr-Guitar
Tim Gahagan-Drums

 (Tim is not in this pic; can't find one with all 5)

BTW, Eric is a kingpin on the harmonica, if you ask me; among the best there has been in rock music, in my opinion.

Catch you next weekend, peoples      -ULTRA

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