Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Grownman's Fast Finds

Grownman's back in the saddle for another session of the Fast Finds. Short on time, heavy on metal. Strap in for the ride.

Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses - The Number Twelve Looks Like You
This is one hell of spazzed fuck fest of a listen. Not for the faint of heart. (Rerelease of the band's debut album)

Oathbearer - Fellwarden
Folklorish and Atmospheric Black Metal is right down my alley. This is an incredible introduction into a band that really knows the ins and outs of the genre. If you like a great ride of emotions from hellish despair to the supremely spacious in it's expanse on the audible senses, you need to look no further than this album.

Blood Offerings - Necrot
I'm loving the bouncing groove and galloping percussion on Blood Offerings.
The band hails from Cali but sounds like it would fit in with the great Floridian death metal bands too. This is high quality, clean output Death Metal. I already feel the pain in my neck I'm gonna feel tomorrow from head banging so hard to this shit. Another solid release off of TANKCRIMES.

Cracks and Lines - Egypt
Egypt back at it again with that seventies sounding, high as hell, dessert doom. Cracks and Lines is the first listen off the album. It's a standard groove that hits pretty much all of the notes of the genre. It sways and shimmys in areas while the tortured vocals of Aaron Esterby serve as a reminder that you shouldn't have ate the brown acid. Please don't eat the brown acid.

Dead Cross - Dead Cross
Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo.....take my money.

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