Saturday, April 8, 2017


Here are a couple of 2016 albums I've been listening to a lot lately. 
 They kind of grew on me, and I wanted to share, given that they're relatively obscure.

First, Steinsopp's self-titled release from last August.  Definitely will appeal to doom fans, but many tunes also have a nineteen seventies classic rock feel to them as well.  Very cool, and definitely grows on you over time.  
Here is "Mycologist: 

Steinsopp is from Aurskog, Norway.  They are:
Kim Hansen
Steffen Røed 
Erik Alm

(This one is "Name Your Price" on Bandcamp)

Second, is "Indeterminate", released in October by the band Cloud.  Where Steinsopp represents a classic rock/doom fusion, Cloud is more of a heavy metal/doom mix.  Another album that took hold with successive listens.  
Here is my favorite track, "Desert Weed":
Cloud is from Pittsburgh.  They are:
Jeff "Trash" Hartwell - Guitars
Josh Dower - Bass
Scott Rebarchak - Drums

You already know by now I don't like to get too wordy.  For me, doesn't matter what somebody writes; if I preview a tune and don't like it, I'm out.  And if I like the tune I go grab the album and take note of which website recommended it, so I can check back in later for more cool finds.  Not trying to win an award, just trying to spread the word on some cool bands and ideally help to make them more well known.  Hope you dug the tunes, and hope you check back next weekend for some more Ultra recommendations.   

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