Saturday, April 1, 2017

Troubled Horse: Revolution On Repeat

TROUBLED HORSE: Revolution On Repeat
Hard Rock Perfection
For those of you who missed the debut album in 2012, Troubled Horse contains three of the original members of Witchcraft (Ola, John and Jens).  Their debut release, "Step Inside", is only one of the best rock albums to ever be released  (Strong language that I am going to stand by; I consider it to be among the best rock albums that I own).  While Step Inside would never be confused for Witchcraft, it was enlightening to see what kind of influences these early members brought to the first album.  "Revolution on Repeat" is heavier, and more reminiscent of early Witchcraft, which is not a bad thing.  Great bands always change it up a bit when they've made you wait for the next release, and that is the case here.  While "Step Inside" stands tall in the straight up "Rock" category, "Revolution On Repeat" clearly deserves the  "Stoner Rock" label.  Here are a couple of my early favorites; first is "The Haunted":

The Haunted from Ultra Sounds on Vimeo.
Also, here is the video for the lead-off track, "Hurricane":
Revolution on Repeat is an instant contender for top five in 2017.  As Magnus Pelander continues to move on from band member after band member, Troubled Horse makes me ask "What was the matter with the original line-up?".
Troubled Horse is:
Martin Heppich: Vocals, Guitar
Ola Henriksson: Bass
John Hoyles: Lead Guitar
Jens Henriksson: Drums

I don't use all this strong language lightly. Do yourself a favor, and check out the high-quality heavy rock brought to the table by Troubled Horse.  

Until next time:   -ULTRA

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