Friday, March 17, 2017

6 Awesome Heavy Stoner Tracks for 4.20 Canadian (about $3.14)

This Montreal band has some legit balls, and has made their debut with six tracks worthy of twenty year veterans.  The Naked High is somewhere between metal and hard rock, with just a touch of doom.  Excellent musicianship, songwriting and production quality (recorded, mixed and mastered at badass studio, wherever that is).  I keep playing this one, and the digital download comes with lyrics, which are worth it for the song "Juice" alone (a song about Colonel Angus, so to speak).  Here's a good example of an album where the cover art pretty much performs perfect vetting for its clientele.   If you dig the cover, I'm pretty sure you'll dig the tunes, and if the cover is a turn-off for you, you are probably making the right call to walk away.  Here is the opener, "Mean Amphetamine".  It gets better and better as it progresses.

Now another highlight, track 5, "I Trip Alone":
I bought this because it's awesome and because I want to hear another album.  If you feel the same way, you'll find it here:The Naked High EP on Bandcamp.  You can also check out the lyrics by clicking on a tune name.  
The Naked High is:

Vocals : Simon Ouellet 
Guitar : Hugo Leclerc-Charron 
Bass : Phil Rod 
Drums : Charlie Cayouette

Back next weekend; Until then, stay as heavy as the 38,000 pounds of cheese that shut down the expressway on Thursday morning.  Over and out

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