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OFF THE TOP - An Interview with Rocker/Pro Wrestler Ryan Vox!

Hey guys and gals, this week we're introducing a new interview segment, OFF THE TOP.  This section allows me to indulge in two of my loves, heavy metal and sports entertainment (aka Pro Wrestling). 
Professional Wrestling is an art form that combines charisma, storytelling and physically demanding performances. OFF THE TOP" will be a unique opportunity to discuss not only Metal/Punk/Rock music but also how it crosses over to the profession of being a wrestling performer. 
Ryan Vox is the perfect first guest for this segment. He has rocked crowds from the stage with his band Avoiding the Angel and the squared circle with his tag team Motley Tüe. Vox provides a unique perspective on the similarities of both arenas. This was a fun interview, as many of the questions just came "OFF THE TOP" of my head and Ryan was totally game. Checkout our interview and the links below for more info on when and where you can find Ryan.
HMT: How difficult is it to come up with entrance music that fits your character? 
VOX:  For me it was very difficult. There's so many great songs, that I identify with, but probably wouldn't work as a wrestler. I've been through a few, but am currently using Steve Vai's Building the Church. It's a great instrumental and has a 90s WCW vibe to it, which suits me perfectly.
HMT: Steel Cage dream match, Vic Rattlehead vs Maidens Eddie? Who's your pick to win and why?
VOX: I've gotta go with Eddie. Vic is a symbol for See No, Hear No, Speak no Evil, which makes for a great babyface character, but Eddie has always been a solider. Always been a fighter. Besides, I had tons of Eddie posters in my room growing up. I always considered him the coolest mascot ever.

Ultimate Steel Cage Match
HMT: What instrument would make the best foreign object?
VOX: So difficult. A bass would do the most damage, and hitting someone with a bass drum would be fun, but the best would probably be a live Mic. It'll break apart (mine does) and if it's live it'll make 2 great noises. The shot, and then the sound of a broken mic, which is just ugly. Plus, it's small and there's already mics at ringside (or in my vest pocket).

Vox in his element
HMT: Dead or alive, if you could pick one musician to be your tag partner, who and why?
VOX: So, Van Hammer, and Maxx Payne probably don't count, neither would Jericho, lol. I'm going with Kerry King. He already looks like a Pro Wrestler and could probably handle himself in a fight. Plus, one of his V's could make for some cool spots.
HMT: Most metal moment in wrestling?
VOX: Overall, I'd have to say the Punk vs Cena feud was pretty metal. It kept the spirit of the Outcast vs the Establishment, and in the end, the Outcast prevailed, showing that the Establishment can be brought down.
Personally, it had to be the first time I used Vai as my entrance music. I was still a Babyface, and it worked perfectly. The fans got so loud, it was like being on stage and hearing the audience Roar.

Beat down city
HMT: What do you bring from your career as a true rock performer to the wrestling ring?
VOX: The two businesses are so very similar, that it made navigating the backstage world much easier for me, as well as marketing and merchandising. My background also gave me confidence in front of large crowds, and the ability to connect to smaller ones as well. Wrestling was always a part of my Stage Persona, so making Music a part of my In Ring Persona came very naturally.
HMT: Who is your biggest influence?
VOX: Musically, I was always influenced by a wide variety of groups. Everything from Queen to Wu Tang to Avenged. I always thought that it helped me stand out to be able to sing, then slip into more of a Rap style, and immediately start screaming afterwards. Atreyu ended up being pivotal to me, as they combined styles better than most bands, and I still could connect to the lyrics.
I'm wrestling, I'm similar. I love the Pillmans of the world, just as much as I love the Windhams. Brad Armstrong was just about perfect, in my eyes.
HMT: Favorite fan interaction as a performer in the ring and on stage?
VOX: On stage is easy. We played one of the bigger venues in Philly, called the Trocadero, and making that place erupt into a circle pit was the greatest thing I was ever a part of. In wrestling, I recently had a match with my partner Wildside (I'm LiveWire), and we came out to Kickstart My Heart and had the whole place doing the "Whoa! Yeah!" parts with us. It was almost surreal.

Rock Star
HMT: Lastly, what are your goals for 2017?
VOX: As for my Goals for 2017, I just want to be busier. I've gotten tens of thousands of miles under my belt, and 3 Tag Titles so far, and I want to keep expanding. My end goal is to become a Trainer and be part of a company where I get to Book. To get there, I need to make as big of a name for myself as possible while still in the ring, and every show is another opportunity to do so.


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