Saturday, February 18, 2017

Polish Stoner Rock Two-Fer

Hearing Double, Episode 2: 
New Polish Stoner Rock (with classic artwork), Times Two

STONERROR: Stonerror
Released two days ago, this is a great album from a band with a ton of potential.  I would be shocked if these guys don't listen to a lot of Black Rainbows, and of course Kyuss.  Here is the opening track, "Red Tank":
Great album cover (it 's what got my attention in the first place), but now check out the cover to their previous release (an EP), "Rattlesnake Moan":

SPACESLUG: Time Travel Dilemma
Released yesterday, this is a heavyweight find.  Really high quality rock that's a weird hybrid of prog, stoner and doom.  This is the track the album is named after, and also the final tune on the album.  Sander Haagmans of Sungrazer is a guest vocalist on this one.
 Again, eye-catching ass-kicking cover art, but now check out their Bandcamp Banner, and tell me if that's not one of the coolest banners there's ever been?

2016 waited a bit to start putting out great stuff, and really finished strong but 2017 is a bat out of hell right at the gates.  Hope you've enjoyed this stuff even half as much as me.

Next Weekend...

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