Sunday, January 15, 2017

SINS OF MAGNUS: Hammers To The Sky
How did I not knot know about this band? Check it out: hot off the press, the new album Hammers To The Sky, from Philadelphia's Sins Of Magnus.  Totally would have made my best of 2016 if it came out a couple of weeks ago.  Check out "Stone Peaks Clash", and then "Frost Moon":

Not even sure quite how to categorize this, but Punk Meets Stoner Rock is what I'm going with.  There's a mix of so many different influences musically that it is really futile to try to name comparable bands.  Their own description is "Black Sabbath hung out with Motorhead and then had a viking baby".  This is a fair attempt, yet I think you'll agree that this music would never be mistaken for either Black Sabbath or Motorhead although it may appeal to a similar crowd.  

Every track on this album is worth listening to multiple times, and here's their Bandcamp page: Hammers To The Sky

Sam Pinola of New Sofa Studios, where the album was recorded, said "Not everything died in 2016. The Rock did not die. I openly admit this was the most fun I've had recording. Dig in."

Sins Of Magnus are:
Eric Early
Rich Sutcliffe
Sean Young

Hoping to have an interview of one of my 2016 top ten bands to post next weekend; until then, 
stay heavy!   -ULTRA

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