Friday, December 30, 2016

LOTD! Egon Swharz - In The Mouth of Madness

In The Mouth of Madness
Egon Swharz

Heck it's the end of the year which means that a lot of cool metal is already out for 2017 on Bandcamp. From demo's to full albums with release dates for next week. This is a pleasantly unexpected album from Italy. Lovecraftian through and through. I've heard many bands try to nail H.P.'s vibe but fail. Egon Swharz smoothly crafts a doomy instrumental that captures not only the creepy but the lush and fascinating textures of what I love about tales like The Unnameable and The Beast in the Cave. Big Props, this is definitely a very cool album to sit back, kick up your feet and smoke a good ole whatever you're into. (The album's title comes from the John Carpenter flick that was an homage to the legacy of Lovecraft and all of the song titles reference Lovecraft's stories.)

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