Saturday, December 10, 2016

GLITTER WIZARD: Hollow Earth Tour
No, It's Not a Live Album
A few years ago after hearing Glitter Wizard recommended by numerous sources, I "YouTubed" them and ran into the video for "Snow Crash".  It was a horrible introduction to the band for me.  The video is over-acted and the tune is a bit monotonous and not really representative of what the band has to offer.  I wrote the band off in my mind, yet kept hearing from people who like the same music as me how good the band is.  Finally about a month ago I saw Glitter Wizard had released a new album and I decided to give the band another try.  The title made me think it would be a live album, and I figured that if they were as good as I had heard, they'd sound pretty decent live.  I found the album on bandcamp and started to listen.  I proceeded to listen to the whole thing and at the end I asked myself "What the f*** just happened?".  I proceeded to play it again and again, as the scope of what they were attempting  started to become clear to me.  This is honest, weird, brain-melting music with absolutely no attempt at commercial appeal, and no remorse over this.  Check out the guitar clinic on the opening track, "The Smokey God":

And here is "Scales":
Apparently lots of inspiration here from drugs, as indicated by titles like "Stoned Odissey" (their spelling, not mine), "Fungal Visions" and "UFOLSD" (about as manic and bizarre as rock gets), the music gets weird but at no time is it unclear that these are some great musicians and really unusual songwriters.  
To me, identifying with "stoner rock" means appreciating music that takes the path less travelled.  If that is an important critrion for you, I can tell you that Glitter Wizard is trekking through some pretty heavy vegetation, where no path has been before.  Check out Hollow Earth Tour here.

Glitter Wizard is:
Wendy Stonehenge
Kandi Moon
Fancy Cymballs
Doug Graves
Lorfin Terrafor

Can't help but mention how good a talent scout Heavy Psych Sounds Records is.  If they've put out a record, it's honest, aggressive and different.  I can't prove this, but I think the company is run by Gabriele Fiore of Black Rainbows.  If so it only it only increases my admiration for the man. 

Christmas and New Years are on deck, and I've been working on my Best of 2016 playlist;  I was proud of last year's Best Of and hope to post something of similar quality in a couple of weeks.  Maybe another album review in the meantime if I can fit it in.  Until then, stay heavy.

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