Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fork Tongue's Best Demo's of 2016

Phhhhheew! The year end crush dominated me over the last couple weeks. This year I really fell behind in listening to new music. I caught up recently but the records I loved earlier in the year had time to grow and stick with me, thus staying higher up the list. With the formation of our new RADIO SHOW I should have plenty of new motivation to keep up with the new releases week to week.

I've found a bunch of really cool stuff over the past couple weeks that I unfortunately have not had enough to to digest. A few were some really solid demos, so lets take a look...

I love old school Speed Metal. I haven't heard too much of that this year but the couple that I did were really solid. One of those was a demo by a band named Vulture. That album cover looks like vintage Exciter but the music inside is a bit more ferocious. High Roller Records continues it's tradition of bringing us new bands putting their spin on classic sounds.

VULTURE Victim to the Blade

Keeping with the old school sound comes Angel Sword. With the name and album art I'm sure you can guess whats coming. With epic fantasy subject matter and Art akin to bands like Attacker, you better throw on the chain mail before these guys start swinging their axes.

ANGEL SWORD Rebels Beyond the Pale

Dem Magic Circle boys are at it again. After the acclaimed Magic Circle records they had a side project everyone was drooling over with Stone Dagger. Then DeTore played on that Sumerlands album that is a consensus top 10 choice for 2016. Not to mention past projects in Hardcore with Rival Mob, Doomriders and Battle Ruins. Lets also not forget they are behind more extreme acts like Torture Chain and Innumerable Forms. They can do it all and they've done it again. This is really just straight up old school rock but I don't care, it belongs here.


I can't believe this one is a demo. Funeral Doom is a niche within a niche within a niche but I happen to love it. It's hard to construct these ridiculously long songs and keep them interesting as slow as they are. Temple of Abandonment shows a veteran savvy known to only the top echelon of the genre such as Ahab. Pay these guys the dollar they are asking for over at their bandcamp page.

TEMPLE OF ABANDONMENT From Outer Spheres...Death

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